South Park Elementary and First Christian Church host Easter Egg Hunt

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South Park Elementary teamed up with First Christian Church for their own Easter fun on Saturday.

Parents, teachers, and church members hid eggs across the school's playground.

If the kids found a golden egg, they could trade it in for an even bigger prize.

The Lead Pastor of First Christian Church says they wanted to do this event because they love seeing the children's smiling faces.

Trevor Harrison says, "We just want to bring love and joy into our community. We think that's part of what the resurrection - the Easter event is all about bringing life where there's maybe not as much life as there needs to be. Anytime you can bring life from death or light from darkness, that's what Jesus was all about. That's what we're just trying to do very simply and practically in our community."

Each age group was divided into different sections of the school yard.

When the horn blew, some kids raced each other to find a golden egg.

Others were happy with the candy-filled plastic eggs.