Shangreaux sentenced to 10 years for felony child abuse and neglect

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A Pine Ridge man was sentenced in Federal Court Thursday afternoon, after earlier pleading guilty to felony child abuse and neglect.
James Shangreaux was sentenced to ten years behind bars with three years of supervised release.

According to the factual basis statement, Shangreaux's son was assaulted by his mother and her boyfriend and received a skull fracture along with other injuries resulting in his death.
Shangreaux said although he never abused his son, he admits that he wasn't there for him, adding if he was there when he was born, he would still be alive today.
Judge Jeffrey Viken says child abuse is a problem not only on the Pine Ridge Reservation, but across our area and says a message needs to be sent, that's why he says he decided to put Shangreaux behind bars for ten years.