Severe Weather Awareness Week begins

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Severe Weather Awareness Week kicked off Monday in South Dakota.
They want people to be ready when those storms hit here in the Black Hills.

National Weather Service

The National Weather Service is hoping to get people to think ahead.
They suggest you have an escape route, make a communications plan, find a shelter, make an emergency kit and get the warnings.
And they say you need to know what those warning terms mean...

Susan Sanders says, "The watch means the storms are possible. They haven't developed or moved into the area yet, but they give people a chance to get ready for storms. Usually they're in effect for 4-8 hours and for a pretty big area, like for the entire Black Hills region. The warning means the storm is occurring. We' got indications on the radar or reports from spotters and that's when peole need to take cover from the storm."

Sanders says in this area, we have one of the highest rates of large hail in the whole country.