School officials meet with legislators with hopes to better RCAS

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Rapid City Area School Administration and Board of Education members met with legislators Thursday for a discussion on how the two sides can work together to better the school district.

The two main talking points were truancy and transgender bathrooms. Superintendent Dr. Lori Simon says the schools attempt to accommodate anyone with concerns about restrooms, including the option for the student to use a unisex restroom. She also says truancy is a huge issue starting from kindergarten through high school, and that could improve with some reforms in Pierre.

Superintendent of Rapid City Area Schools Dr. Lori Simon says, "We think local control is important, but I do appreciate that they are willing to also take a look at some of the areas related to juvenile justice reform and make some tweaks and some improvements, and really work with school districts so that we can find ways to make that legislation really have its intended impacts."

School board members hope to find new ways, including the possibility of changing rules and punishments on attendance to keep students in the classroom.