Safe driving advice for motorcyclists from law enforcement

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The weather is getting warmer, which means more motorcyclists are out and about.

One study says South Dakota had 27 motorcyclist fatalities in 2015.

A local police sergeant says keeping the roads safe requires a team effort from everyone: car drivers, truck drivers, and motorcyclists.

Rapid City Police Sergeant Wayne Asscherick says, "You need to really pay attention to your surroundings and see if there's a motorcyclist around. Motorcyclists need to make sure that they are watching for those times when they approach an intersection or approach a vehicle that they can see is going to turn left to be aware that that vehicle may not actually see them and they have to take precautions. Either slow down or make sure that that driver is looking right at them."

Highway Patrol State Trooper Trooper Khrista Nelson says, "We see a common thing with speed and curves. People just going too fast in general. Losing control of the vehicle. Single vehicle roll-overs are probably our most common crash out here and most of the time, a lot of these people are not wearing seat belts."

Sergeant Asscherick says it's important for motorcyclists to wear helmets and for car drivers to buckle up.

State Trooper Nelson also emphasizes following the speed limit and avoiding distracted driving.