SD Arts Council work on how to include art in schools with new Dept. of Education plan

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Their goal is to paint the perfect art environment in South Dakota and sculpt children for the future.

The South Dakota Arts Council met Friday morning at the Dahl Arts Center.
One hot topic was how to include the arts in schools -- a subject that has come about after the Department of Education released their plans to shift to the Every Student Succeeds Act -- which doesn't outline HOW to incorporate the arts into school curriculum.
But council members agree keeping arts alive and well in schools is the main goal.

Jim Walker, Outgoing Chair for the SD Arts Council says, "It really is important to get kids started young to figure where and how their talents lie. What it is they need to do, it's so important to have all of the arts involved in all parts of education in order to make sure we can figure out who and how those kids actually can flourish."

The South Dakota Arts Council meets three times a year.