Rushmore Tramway Adventure host their first Rally Relay competition

A competition for the fittest, it's the Rushmore Tramway Adventure park's Rally Relays, their newest event yet.

Lasting three hours, the rally relays include several aerial courses, ziplines and jump towers. Tightening up their harnesses and keeping their eyes on prize, they're set to see who can come out on top. The competition takes about three hours to complete and is a way for people to get in shape and make themselves better.

Cameron Fullerton says, "What we wanted to do is more or less bring people in here, bring them to the hardest challenges that we have and show them how tough this can be and more or less how this whole entire thing is a challenge for yourself and also how it can be against your friends or anybody else on the course."

Geared toward athletes and their friends, the event is built to push limits.

Ben Mincks says, "I'm worked, I came out here today not knowing what to expect (girl screams). You hear that? I mean it's alot of work but its alot of fun and yea, couldn't ask for a more fun event to be a part of.

Offering great views of the Keystone Skyline and more, it'll draw voyagers into the park for the first time or like Minckseen, come back for more.

Mincks says, "When I was growing up, they just had the Alpine Slide and that was alot of fun um and we came up and would ride the Alpine Slide and had a blast doing that and then coming up as an adult and seeing all this, I kind of wish I was a little younger and a little more flexible and stuff but it's still fun."

The park staff says although the turnout for this first event was a success, people can look forward to a second set of Rally Relays next year.