Rushmore Mall parking lot filled with old and new cars for car show

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Cars and trucks were featured at a car show at the Rushmore Mall parking lot on Saturday.

The Rapid Mustang & Ford Club of the Black Hills Car & Truck Show was the home of many different hot rods and classic cars.

More than 50 vehicles were featured, including this 1931 Model A Ford.

The owner says he had this car for about nine years, and that he always wanted an older car.

Frank Webb says, "We go to as many car shows as we can. Being a member of the Counts Car Club here in town, we travel a little bit. I don't travel as much as the rest of the club does. I can go 40-45 miles an hour and they're doing 75 and 80 so - but we enjoy them, enjoy it immensely."

The 22nd annual car show also featured custom built cars, Shelby Mustangs, and more.

They also provided food and drinks from local food trucks.