Rep. Kristi Noem works to replace Obamacare

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Rapid City, SD Representative Kristi Noem says her attention has recently been spent on Health Care Reform and bringing the best to South Dakota.

Noem voted to start the process to repeal Obamacare. Now she says she is working to create a system that would replace the Affordable Care Act to best serve South Dakotans.

Representative Kristi Noem says, "options such as allowing people to form larger groups to perch health insurance purchase health insurance across state lines so that they can find policies that work better for them and their family at a more affordable cost medical malpractice and reform would be a part of that risk tools to help people to help cover people with per-existing conditions also tax credit so that people actually got the incentive to use their tax credit which would be refundable to go out and buy health insurance policies that make them much more accessible for them."

Noem plans to focus her time on Health Care reform and serve on the House Ways and Means committee.