Rapid City gets outside with temps heating up

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Rapid City, SD Thermometers haven't reached freezing since New Year's Eve.

But, today was the first sign of warmer weather to come - so some in the Black Hills got outside to enjoy it.

The Hess family said "Trying to stay warm. Keeping warm. And having a good family day out on the ice. Trying to enjoy it before it's all gone."

The Hess family is braving the cold and hitting the ice at Main Street Square, Saturday.

Rapid City only saw a high of 15 degrees.

Mike Hess said "Not bad if you're moving. Moving around, it's nice."

It's still warmer than the frigid temps last week.

Thermometers dipped to -6 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday in Rapid City.

Mike Hess said "It's a lot better than last week. Last week was too cold."

And the Hess's weren't the only ones getting a fresh of breath air.

Some strapped on skates at Wilson Park as well.

Ashley Bernhardt said "Getting a little stir crazy. And we're from North Dakota, so this feels warm to us."

These neighbors to our north saw even colder weather in North Dakota - so they're celebrating a birthday today on the ice.

Jill Buchholz said "Get outside and do something I guess."

Kyrie Darrington said "Hopefully we can just go through the day without being frozen."

Kyrie also got outside - after spending the week indoors.

Darrington said "I just stayed inside.

So she did something different, Saturday.

Darrington said "Came out here and just enjoyed."

And skating was the sport to enjoy for many.

Ravenna Hess said "I like the skating and the stage."

And remember to dress for the cold.

The National Weather Service says you can get frostbite in under 30 minutes in these temperatures.

Fortunately, it looks like the Black Hills will heat up, Sunday.