Rapid City Parking Enforcement sees upgrades

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Rapid City, SD Rapid City Parking Enforcement is getting an upgrade - with new technology.

Up to a hundred parking tickets issued a day. Some come from this familiar face.

Connie Hansen has been monitoring meters for 8 years with the Rapid City Police Department.

Connie Hansen, a parking enforcement officer, said "So basically what we do is just make sure everyone is doing what they're supposed to do."

From paying meters to parking correctly.

Connie clocks about 12 miles on foot.

Hansen said "Sometimes you get a little tired."

Her favorite part of the job:

Hansen said "Meeting the people. That is the best part of it right there. You have so many people you get to meet. Different, all over the world too."

The Rapid City Legal and Finance Committee recently voted to write off $67 thousand dollars of parking fines from 2013.

But, parking enforcement officers just got new technology - which could help better track tickets.

For the past 10 years - the department used these handheld devices.

Hansen said "It was all built in one. In fact here it is. Just built in everything. This is our handheld."

But at the end of May, everything will be done on their smart phones and there's more ...

Black Hills FOX reporter Robert Grant said "Not paying the price of the meter here can rack up a $10 dollar fine. But, soon you'll be able to pay that online."

Hansen said "You know how people are with their phones. They like to just boom, pay. They have their credit card on their phone. Everything is there. They can just say 'I don't want to have to deal with this, I don't want to have to put it in the fine box'. Just pay it right now."

But, she's not putting her duties in park.

The department includes 4 officers on duty to cover parking enforcement from East to West Boulevard and Omaha to Columbus Streets.

Hansen said "This gentleman down here. This is his favorite little spot. Works at Murphy's. I never give him a ticket. Never."

Connie says downtown residents and employees are the most common parking offenders.