RCPD K9 Unit teams up with Reservation K9 Unit for training

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The Rapid City Police Department K9 Unit teamed up with the Oglala Sioux Tribe Department of Public Safety K9 Unit for joint training on Wednesday.

The dogs were put to work, doing tracking, narcotic and patrol training.
Sean Doyle is a Senior patrol officer and K9 handler with the Rapid City Police Department and says it's important to train with other agencies so they don't get stuck in the same form of training and says it's also important to network and work together.

Sean Doyle says, "A lot of the time we're having to rely on each other for crimes that are occurring, because, you know, one person will leave Rapid City, head on out there and then they'll have some people leave there to come to Rapid City and so just having that relationship is very important for us."

It's also important to train often.
Officers say the dogs learn by doing and it helps keep them reliable.

Nicholas Campbell says, "The best way for them to learn anything is repetition, repetition, so being able to come out as often as we can and doing training and having Sean there to help us along the way is, helps a lot, especially with the dogs and it helps them be more confident as well as us being more confident in our dogs."

The OST K9 Unit is now up to four dogs after being down to just one for awhile.
Campbell says they hope to do training like this with the Rapid City K9 Unit on a weekly basis.