Public officials weigh in on proposed measures for 2017

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Attorney General Marty Jackley has proposed several bills for 2017, and some public officials are weighing in.

Some of the proposed measures include expanding the state's 24/7 sobriety program and strengthening sentencing for vehicular homicide.

Another proposed bill is the releasing of criminal booking photos to the public, and South Dakota Representative David Lust and Pennington County Sheriff Kevin Thom fully support that.

David Lust says, "When I was in the legislature previously, there was a list of items that were open government items, things that should be made available to the public and that was one of them. I've supported that in the past and I support it again. To me that's open government. The more open and transparent we can be, the better off we are as a society."

Kevin Thom says, "I support that. The Open Records Task Force met a number of the years ago and that was a recommendation out of the Task Force at that time and failed in a subsequent legislative session and it's coming back again. I hope it passes. I think it's important that that be available."

The legislative session opens January 10.