Psychologist sheds light on Duncan's personality disorder in trial

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A number of witnesses called by the defense took the stand in the Brian Duncan murder trial on Tuesday.
The topic of race dominated arguments from the defense and prosecutors.

The defense called Dr. William Moss to the stand. The local psychologist previously diagnosed Brian Duncan with a personality disorder with traits of paranoia - and alluded that growing up as a minority and being exposed to violence contributed to the development of the disorder.
Dr. Moss said that due to this condition, he was not surprised by the way Duncan reacted following the death of Helen Wright, and argues he is avoidant to his feelings and standoffish from people.
The state, however, claims there are discrepancies in the articles Dr. Moss used to back up his professional, psychological opinion on Duncan, citing that perceived racism does NOT relate to clinical paranoia, much like Duncan is diagnosed with.
The state also says that Dr. Moss' findings state that Duncan won't admit to minor faults, and argue that Duncan then probably wouldn't admit to major things as well.
The trial continues Tuesday.