Prom night gets cost-efficient with free dresses at Gown Town

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Prom season is on its way, but it can often get pretty expensive.

Black Hills FOX's Katrina Lim shows us where girls could receive a gorgeous prom dress - for free.

Katrina Lim says, "Nearly 300 dresses have been donated for Gown Town. For just one day, girls can pick out a free prom dress and then head to the fitting room."

Rushmore Mall teamed up with Audra's Bridal Gallery and HITS 102.7 to host the 9th annual Gown Town.

Here, teens could pick out a dress and a pair of shoes for no charge.

Doughlas High School Senior Alisha Divis chose a coral-colored dress and even volunteered at the event in years past.

Alisha Divis says, "Along with me, I think all girls that are able to come here and find a dress that fits them and is free, it's a huge relief. It feels amazing. It feels like you finally found a fairy godmother who is able to grant you the dress of your dreams for your prom night."

Kelly Emme has been volunteering at Gown Town for seven years.

She says seeing the girls walk away with their perfect dress warms her heart.

Kelly Emme says, "They walk out feeling beautiful and spectacular. They don't have to worry when they go to prom. It's just a joy for them and it's wonderful for us as volunteers to see them come in and search for a gown and to find the perfect gown for themselves."

A recent survey from Visa says the average American household could spend almost $1,000 on prom.

The dollars can easily rack up with the cost of dresses, tuxes, dinner, corsages, and limos.

Alisha Divis says, "I'm very thankful that I was able to come here and get a dress for free that I love and can wear where I don't have to spend a huge amount of money for one night."

Audra's Bridal Gallery provided new dresses as well as used dresses donated from the community.

Katrina Lim, Black Hills FOX News.