Pressed flower art featured at music and art festival in Spearfish

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Festival in the Park in Spearfish wrapped up on Sunday with more food and artwork.

Black Hills FOX Reporter Katrina Lim shows us how one particular artist showcased her work.

Artist Michelle Barnhart was one of many vendors at Festival in the Park.

Barnhart was selling art she personally made called pressed flowers.

Pressed flowers, or Oshibana in Japanese, is a 16th century art technique of pressing flowers in order to make a whole picture.

Artist Michelle Barnhart says, "I'm one of those kind of artists that tries everything. I know how to do every little thing. I'm like a 'know it all, master of none' so I come out with some mixed and match, and it just turns out great work."

Barnhart says she used to work in corporate for 20 years, and art is her form of relaxation.

Artist Michelle Barnhart says, "Art is like putting a form of meditation. You put yourself in a zone out of reality, among this or other things, and it really brings peace into my life."

The Festival Coordinator says more than 100 volunteers take time out of their day to help with the event.

Festival Coordinator Ava Sauter says, "The Festival in the Park has over 200 vendors. It brings over 25,000 people to Spearfish and so it's a very - it generates a lot of revenue for the community as well as the art center. It does a lot. We make it a priority to support local vendors and local business people as well as local musicians."

She also says it's important that artists feel like they're a part of the city.

Festival Coordinator Ava Sauter says, "The arts are a very important part of a community. It's important for the city as well as the community to wrap themselves around the artists in the community and bring them in and integrate them because they bring a really refreshing point of view."

The Festival in the Park is the largest fundraiser of the Matthews Opera House & Arts Center.

This non-profit art center has an active community theater, and they always welcome donations.