Pennington County hosts several others for NACO conference

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Pennington County is playing host to county officials from across the country, to spark conversation and learn from each other.

Representatives from several counties as far as North Carolina are in the area for the National Association of Counties.
The goal of the MacArthur Foundation summit is to look at criminal justice reform at a local level and to take bits and pieces of what works for each county to see if it could work in ours and vice versa.
Officials say counties face similar problems no matter how big, they just happen on a different scale. They say budget and jail numbers reflect that.

Kathy Rowings says, "For folks to be able to come together and share what's working for them, what's not working as well as they had hoped, and how they adapt to fix whatever challenges they are facing is so beneficial for folks to talk it out."
Michael Daniels from Ohio says, "We've done a good job, as has Pennington, for putting together a coalition of all the right players and partners. But I think one of the things they've done here that we haven't is engage their outside stakeholders and making sure the business player is at the table. That's a missing component for us."

NACO officials say Pennington County has a lot to teach, which is why it made for a great home for the Justice Peer Exchange this year.