Oglala Sioux Tribe welcomes in new president, vice president

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Porcupine, SD The Oglala Sioux Tribe welcomed in a new president, Friday.

The new administration was sworn in during the 2016 Presidential Inauguration in Porcupine.

Troy Scott Weston, the Oglala Sioux Tribe's incoming president, said "It's a new change. It's a change for the better for our tribe."

Today's ceremony officially marks Troy Scott Weston's presidency of the Oglala Lakota Nation.

He beat Incumbent Tribal President John Yellow Bird Steele by more than a thousand votes in this year's election.

Weston said "The people didn't have a say so we need to give that opportunity to our people."

Weston looks to make change on 4 different fronts - including health care, education, economic devlopment, and land.

Committees will work in each category to bring improvements, but this administration says they also need help from the tribe's people.

Darla Black, the Oglala Sioux Tribe's incoming Vice President, said "They own this government. They are the ones that control what the government should be doing."

Darla Black - the incoming Vice President and life-long Pine Ridge resident also wants to bring the Tribe's 9 districts together.

Black said "Our reservation is vast. So we need to come together as a nation once again."

And then work with the other 7 Sioux Nations.

Black said "I would like to see the great Sioux Nation come together as one."

She says coming together can help bring in more business and jobs to the area.

And the administration also wants to create a working relationship with the federal government.

Weston said "We are a third world country in the United State's government's back yard."

Weston says tackling these issues - especially education and economic devolpment - will help bring an end to the reservation's staggering meth epidemic and ongoing violence.

Weston said "There's a process - through economic development, through education - that will help combat these issues."

Black said "We have to fix ourselves first - in a good way. In a healing way."

The Weston-Black Administration will serve a 2-year term.