North Middle School receives huge School Improvement Grant

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North Middle School in Rapid City has received nearly $900,000 for their School Improvement Grant.

North Middle School plans to use the grant money towards a targeted summer school program for students, the enhancement of professional development for teachers and administrators, and extended school days starting Fall 2017.

The school's Vice-Principal says they're in the planning stages right now and are trying to identify the needs of their students.

Vice-Principal Chanda Spotted Eagle says, "Some of our students need some extra help and we're trying to identify our students so that we can give them that differentiated help with the items they're struggling within the areas of math and reading. We're really trying to get them to the proficiency levels and this money coming into the school is really going to help us towards our school improvement efforts."

Principal Jackie Talley found out they received the grant over Christmas break and has been excited about it ever since.

Principal Jackie Talley says, "I was ecstatic. This is just a phenomenal, fantastic opportunity for my staff and for our students and for our families."

Before Principal Talley was at North Middle School, she served as principal for Southwest Middle School.