National Archery in the Schools Program helps teachers use the sport in class

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25 teachers came from around South Dakota to brush up on their bow and arrow shooting skills at the Outdoor Campus West.
The Game, Fish, and Parks program helps get the sport of archery into the schools, a skill that is said to make a different in a student's life.

Curt Robertson, NASP Specialist and Instructor says, "They're not connecting in their schools, their math calss and science class. But one thing they can get into is archery. Once they start liking school better, they're going to enjoy their other classes better. They're going to come to school more often. We want to use this, not only as building up the school districts in our state, but the kids can go on and use this as a life skill."

Robertson says he hopes teachers take away two important lessons from today's training; have fun, but be safe. He says most students shoot a bow and arrow for the first time in the program, so safety should be the top priority.