Ms. South Dakota pageant underway

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Friday was Day two of the preliminary competitions held in Hot Springs featuring sixteen women from across the state,each hoping to be crowned the new Ms. South Dakota

The contestants were judged on private interviews with judges, talent, evening gown, swimsuit, and on stage questions.
To start the show each woman showed that while they have looks they also have a great sense of humor.

Kaitlin O'Neill says"Good Evening Hot Springs. I'm Kaitlin O'Neill from Groton, South Dakota. And because of a recent surgery my foot is like your favorite kind of chicken wing, boneless"

Isabella Garcia says, " As the only registered nurse on this stage, even if I knock you dead I know how to bring you back to life. I'm Isabella Garcia"

Carly Goodhart says, " Solve this riddle. I have one, it has to do with my platform, and its also my last name. Here to make your heart feel good tonight. I'm Carly Goodhart"

The competition ends Saturday with the crowning of the 71st Ms. South Dakota. The winner will then begin preparing for the *Ms. America* contest which is held in September