Monday's Forecast

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We had yet another textbook example of a temperature inversion on Sunday. An inversion is an increase in temperature with height. The high temperature at the airport was in the mid 30s, but on the west side of Rapid City, which is higher elevated at the base of the Black Hills, temperatures surged into the 40s. There were even a couple stations reporting 50° readings in the highest elevations of the Black Hills.

Northerly winds will usher in slightly cooler temperatures to start our work week. Lots of sunshine is in the forecast, but expect winds to be a tick quicker through the afternoon than what we had this weekend. The increased snow pack northeast of the Black Hills will likely keep temperatures in the 20s. Most everywhere else should get into the 30s, which is around average for the middle of January.

We will have a warmer than average week, and likely see some 50s popping up in the eastern slopes of the Black Hills, including Rapid City. That hasn't happened since Thanksgiving weekend.

Cooler air will eventually spoil the party next weekend, however, it is looking dry, with the exception of a low pressure system swinging up from the south next Saturday. That will be our next real shot at any precipitation, and it doesn't look impressive at this point.