Local florist in crunch time for Mother's Day

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One florist in Rapid City is using more than 15 times their normal supplies of flowers to get ready for Mother's Day.

With Mother's Day just around the corner, florists are in crunch time now.

Victoria's Garden has been preparing for this Sunday since March by increasing the number of florists, delivery drivers, business hours, and of course, flowers.

Victoria's Garden Owner Vicki Bierman says, "It's really an honor that somebody, that people entrust us with relaying their message to their mom or to somebody who's like a mom. They allow us to be their voice and to create a gift that expresses their emotions."

The shop's owner says many of their customers are craving color for their mothers' special arrangements.

Vicki Bierman says, "So our fresh-cut flowers actually are grown basically all over the world including the United States and they are trucked in to a flower supplier that is here in the state in Sioux Falls."

Other florists in town include Fancies Flowers & Gifts, Jolly Lane Floral, and Flowers by LeRoy.

You can also treat your mother to chocolates or a day at the spa.