Local engineer weighs in on WannaCry ransomware

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Experts are calling the "Wanna-Cry" virus the largest cyber attack in history.

The virus encrypts all files on your computer, and demands bitcoins or computer money in order for you to get them back.

One local computer shop says they haven't seen the virus attack in Rapid City -- but the virus has hit about 200,000 computers globally to date.
The Wanna-Cry virus can infect your computer simply by opening an obscure email attachment.
The virus spreads quickly across other networks and often requests a person pays $300 to $600 dollars in bitcoins.

Douglas Kaufman says, "What all the experts say is do not pay them. Really evaluate your situation and see if you can restore your backups, see if it's going to be devastating cause all you're doing is promoting them and financing them to make their virus more and more effective."

Experts at TekNetCorp say strings of other ransom-ware viruses have been found locally -- hitting two personal computers and one business.

To avoid ransomware viruses, Kaufman emphasizes the importance of backing up and updating your computer. He suggests using Bit Defender, which he says has been successful in stopping these viruses in the past.