Local churches honor Good Friday, Easter

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Rapid City, SD Christians around the world are commemorating Good Friday - including here in the Black Hills.

Local churches are also gearing up for Easter services.

David Kinnan, the lead pastor at Fountain Springs Church, said "We know for sure, for fact, is that Jesus gives us hope - he beat death. It's a big deal, it could actually be your source of hope every single day, every single moment."

Preparations are in full swing for one of Fountain Springs Church's biggest services - bringing in an expected 10 thousand people to honor what Christian's believe is Jesus Christ's ultimate sacrifice for man's sin.

Kinnan said "Usually when we get done with last year's, we get started for the new year's."

The church rocks the Civic Center for Easter celebrations - with 4 services starting tomorrow afternoon and activities for both adults and children.

Kinnan said "As a church, anyone and everyone is welcome, it's one of the reasons why we go to the Civic Center. We go to a facility that most people are familiar with. A lot of times going to a church building first is just a little awkward."

Easter at the Civic Center started 7 years ago with an event in the Fine Arts Theatre and about 3 thousand in attendance - it has since more than tripled in size.

Kinnan said "As a church, our hope is anyone and everyone in the whole Black Hills would know that Jesus is incredible and he loves them."

Across town, a different church, with a similar message.

Good Friday marks the day Jesus was, to many, tragically crucified but to some, there's a positive message.

Easter celebrates Jesus' resurrection.

Fr. Steve Biegler said "Gives us hope that there's something bigger and more powerful than the greatest evil you can think of. There's something beyond death."

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help is hosting a Good Friday service tonight - along with Easter Mass Saturday and Sunday.

Father Steve Biegler says it's a chance to look beyond the commercialization of the holiday.

Fr. Steve Biegler said "I think obviously if we don't get beyond the commercialization - we've really ignored the most important event in history - and what it can bring in to our own lives in terms of hope."