Local band honors South Dakota poet

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A local band is playing the sounds of a South Dakota legend.

The Badger Sett Band puts the historic poems by Badger Clark to the sound of music.
Clark was South Dakota's first cowboy poet, known across the country for his work.
This band set more than a dozen of his poems to music and took the spotlight at The Journey Museum, Sunday.

Pegi Douglas, the founder of the Badger Sett Band, said "His poetry is so great. Everybody likes it. People of all walks of life relate to his poetry. So I think it's good to keep it alive. Not just let it be in a book somewhere, but to bring it out and make it alive. And I think the music helps to do that."

Badger Clark lived in Custer State Park for 30 years and passed away in 1957.
The Badger Sett Band has played his poems since 2012.