Local Breweries celebrate Stockman's Day

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Rapid City, SD Stockman's Day was an annual celebration in the early days of Rapid City which included parades and rodeo events.

And a local brewery revamped a historic Rapid City festival into a craft beer celebration.

Hay Camp Brewing Company hosted the 3rd annual Stockman's Day Festival Saturday.

10 other breweries gathered together to offer tastings of their different beverages to the public all in one location.

All of the breweries at the festival were local to South Dakota and the surrounding areas and organizers say this event helps show the breweries' great working relationships.

Sam Papendick, co-owner of Hay Camp Brewery says, "The craft beer industry is really a symbiotic group of people. We all kind of work together and promote everybody's products because everyone drinks craft beer is going to go to over to the next brewery and people like to taste different beers and have different flavors. It's all about being a connoisseur and trying different beers and seeing what you like."

The Stockman's Day Festival also hosted two food trucks along with live music and entertainment.