Kids play sounds of holidays at Rushmore Mall

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Rapid City, SD Kids of all ages were playing the sounds of holiday cheer at the Rushmore Mall, Sunday.

The Black Hills Suzuki School hosted a concert with kids from 4 to 18-years-old.

And the group has played at the mall during the holiday season for about 25 years.

Sunday's music included sounds from cellos, violas, and violins.
And it's giving these kids experience.

Carol Knowles, a director for the Black Hills Suzuki School, said "This is one of the few where we have such a wide range of kids and the kids love coming out and doing this. After all they've practiced and it's not really all that important practicing at home by themselves. This is a culminating event for them to get out and come play for them."

Students from the School of Mines also played instruments at the mall, Sunday.