Itzhak Perlman visits Rapid City

Itzhak Perlman
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He's arguably one of the most famous classical musicians in the world today.
Itzhak Perlman was in Rapid City Thursday night as part of the John T. Vuvurevich Foundation speaker series...

It was another sold out crowd in the Civic Center Theater.
Born in Israel in 1945, Perlman has seen his violin take him all over the world.
He's played for presidents and queens and has won an amazing thirteen Grammy Awards over the years.
Now at 71 years of age, Perlman says his passion for music is still strong.

Perlman says, "I started to play concerts when I was 13, 14. It's amazing for me, not amazing but what I'm happy about iis that I'm still excited about what I do for a living. I'm still enthusiastic about the music. I'm growing with music still today."

Perlman is an outspoken supporter of music education.
We'll hear more from him on the importance of that Friday.