Inmate 'walkaways' at a high in Rapid City

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Rapid City, SD According to the South Dakota Department of corrections, three inmates are still on the run after walking away from the Community Work Center. One inmate walked away in 2013 and the other two escaped earlier this year.

The inmates that work at the community work center in Rapid City are given an assessment to determine their risk status ... but that doesn't mean those that escape aren't a danger to the community.

This year ten out of the total 15 inmates that have walked away from their work centers have been from the Rapid City unit.

Two out of the ten escaped inmates left the Community Work Center in Rapid City -- some with more violence to follow.

Inmate Moses Dubray was found dead in Fall River County a day after his status changed to escapee -- and another, Andrew Eastman allegedly killed Larry Mintzlaff, a former Rapid City school teacher.

But officials say the transition to lower security is a necessary step for the inmates rehabilitation.

Secretary Denny Kaemingk, South Dakota Department of Corrections says, "In the last year we've seen an increase in the amount of 'walkaways' from the Rapid City unit, that's true. I think you have to keep in mind that there are 982 inmates in minimum units in community work centers throughout the state so if you kind of have that and then have the number it kind of give some context to that."

Those that walk away from the minimum security facility face a felony charge and up to 5 years added to their sentence.