Houchin back in court, facing child murder charge

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He's accused of killing a six-month old girl in June of 2015 and Wednesday, Kristopher Houchin was back in Seventh Circuit Court where several witnesses took the stand.

Houchin is being charged with the second degree murder of L'Naya White.
The day in question was brought up in the courtroom at Wednesday's evidentiary hearing.
Investigator Paul Stevens with the Pennington County Sheriff's Office testified in regards to his four to five hour interview with Houchin back in June of 2015.
Stevens said the focus of the interview was the death of L'Naya as well as information he received from a pediatrician that the six-month old had been raped.
Stevens said Houchin never admitted to raping the child, but admitted to shaking her after he initially said L'Naya had fallen off the couch while he was in the bathroom and says she landed face down on the floor.
Stevens said however that no evidence suggested L'Naya was raped after an autopsy was done.
Dr. Dewey Ertz also took the stand, testifying that Houchin's confession was involuntary.
Dr. Ertz says Houchin had told him that he "Couldn't get out of there and had to tell them something."
He added that Houchin said he decided to admit to the lesser of the two evils.
Now, Judge Wally Eklund will review the evidence before the case goes any further.
Houchin is facing life behind bars if convicted of the charge.