Hot Springs community climbs flights of stairs in 9/11 remembrance

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Hurricanes have held headlines for weeks now - but today marks an important interruption, as Americans stop to remember the tragic day of September 11th, when hijacked planes crashed into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and went down in a Pennsylvania field.

It's hard to believe sixteen years ago, tragedy struck America. Terrorists, hitting more than the Pentagon and the Twin Towers in New York City - but the hearts of those all over the country.

Now the mood remains solemn, as the hurt will weigh on the nation, forever.

Matthew Soiland with the Edgemont Fire Department says, "Driving in the car, hearing it on the radio. As soon as we had gotten to school, it was just a different kind of feel in the room."
Edgemont firefighter Matthew Soiland will never forget that day, he was a fifth grader then.
In Hot Springs, thousands of miles from NYC - other locals remember.

To honor the first responders, dozens of people in the Battle Mountain area climb the steps of the Hot Springs VA.

Dusty Pence, event coordinator says, "The idea is if you go up and down these steps fifteen times, it will be like climbing up one of the World Trade Towers."
Bright and early at 6:46am, a lap of silence begins for the time in South Dakota when the first plane hit the towers.
Soiland is doing his part for the event in full firefighter attire. Being a part of the 'Bravest' runs in his blood.
Soiland says, "My grandfather was a fire chief in Colorado for over 20 years. My dad has been on for over 20 years too. It's been a family thing, above all I like working in the community and helping people out."
September 11th hits close to home.
Soiland says, "I have a complete arm tattoo in commemorance of it. The Twin Towers and the firefighters, it means a lot to us in the community."
The 9/11 Grand Stair Challenge aims to keep history alive for years to come.
Pence says, "All of these things - you need to know that they happened, how they happened, why they happened, if you're going to stop them from happening in the future."