High school students get lesson from Rapid City Fire Department

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Rapid City, SD Area high school students took notes from Rapid City's Bravest, Saturday.

A dozen students experienced first-hand what it's like searching for a victim in a burning home.

They also learned the history of the Rapid City Fire Department.

Crews responded to more than 300 fires in Rapid City last year - which is above the national average.

Hope Paris, a Fire Ops student, said "You really learn what they do and you don't take advantage of them."

Taylor Wagner, a Fire Ops student, said "It is so much harder than what we actually see and it is life risking. It takes a lot of guts to do that."

It's all part of the High School Fire Ops 101 class - which has sparked careers in fire and emergency services for many students.

The program is in its sixth year. Next week, students will learn what it takes to be a paramedic - including a car crash training exercise.