Health Watch: Flu shots

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The fall season often brings along bouts of the flu for many people. Dr. Nancy Babbitt is discussing the importance of making sure you get your flu shot this year, to not only protect yourself but others as well in this week's edition of Healthwatch.

Dr. Nancy Babbitt says, "October is an excellent time to get your flu shot and flu shots are available now. There's typically two types, one is a regular dose and one is a high dose for people over 65. It is important to get your flu shot and I find more and more patients are refusing flu shots because they feel like they are not effective and I want to remind you that there is a compelling evidence that we should all get flu shots to try to reduce influenza in a community and especially reduce influenza exposure to the weakest and most fragile members of our community. And that people that are at the highest risk for serious illness for influenza are the elderly, infants, pregnant women, and immune-suppressed patients. If an entire community is given an influenza vaccination we reduce the risk of these patients being hospitalized an becoming very ill. Also the CDC had a compelling study with last year's flu shot showing that when elderly people got influenza vaccinations they reduced their hospitalization by half. So please make sure you go to your family doctor this season and get your flu shot. This is Dr. Nancy Babbitt from Creekside Medical Clinic"

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