Governor: South Dakota closes budget year with $8M surplus

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On June 30th the 2017 budget year ended for South Dakota, and Monday South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard announced the state has a surplus for the 6th straight year.

Dennis Daugaard

The surplus came in just shy of the 8 million dollar mark. The state was seeing a revenue shortfall in March and the governor then asked state agencies to cut back between 10-15 million dollars to avoid a deficit.

Governor Daugaard hopes South Dakota continues being able to report a surplus and doesn't fall into deficits like other states and nations have.

Dennis Daugaard says, "Other states still have years where they are in deficit situations that year, or are borrowing to meet their ongoing needs, or are postponing pension plan payments that they should be making. And I don't want to end up like Detroit, don't want to end up like Greece."

Governor Daugaard credits the states responsible legislature for avoiding a deficit.