Gov. Daugaard speaks on Initiated Measure 22, Spearfish State Park

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Rapid City, SD South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard spoke out against Initiated Measure 22 during the Governor's Luncheon in Rapid City, Thursday.

The governor recapped the state budget address at the annual event.

He proposes a 1 percent budget increase for education, health care, and state workforce.

But he says IM 22, which passed after the election, will put $5 million dollars in tax money toward political campaigns.

Governor Dennis Daugaard said "So spending that would cannibalize 25 percent of the already minimal 1 percent that we're able to offer education, medicaid providers, and state workforce. So I just don't believe the voters would want us to take $5 million dollars away from those groups and spend it on campaign commercials."

Governor Daugaard also proposes putting $2.5 million dollars toward a land swap for Spearfish State Park.

If approved, state land currently held in the School and Public Lands trust fund would be traded for federal land.

The $2.5 million would reimburse that trust fund.