Gov. Daugaard looks to attack SD's meth problem

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Rapid City, SD Governor Dennis Daugaard is addressing South Dakota's growing meth epidemic.

The governor was in Rapid City earlier this week - delivering an overview of the budget address.

He says part of his proposal will go towards curbing the state's rise in meth use - after South Dakota has seen an increase in imprisonment for the drug.

In 2015, reports show more than 13 hundred people were arrested for drug use in Rapid City. That's more than double 2009's statistics.

The governor hopes to attack the problem from 3 different fronts.

He says they need to first stop meth from coming into South Dakota, then discourage residents from using it and finally, treat those addicted.

Governor Dennis Daugaard said "Up and down the states - from Mexico to Canada, we're seeing a tremendous inflow of high-grade meth from Mexico. Other states are seeing it and it's impacting our incarceration rate. And we need to attack that."

The governor's budget proposal also includes a 1 percent increase in budget for education, health care, and state workforce.