Getting active outdoors in the summer

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While winter often keeps us indoors, summer is a great season to get outside and get some exercise.

Families were staying active by splashing around Rapid Creek on Sunday.

Some folks were playing basketball as well as biking.

According to the National Wildlife Federation, American children spend an average of four to seven minutes per day doing unstructured outdoor play compared to seven hours in front of a screen.

Sean Hunter says, "We just go out as much as we can. I work 12 hours a day and most of the week. We get out every weekend. Just find somewhere that looks nice and enjoy it."

Several studies say that unstructured outdoor play helps kids learn to take turns and develop positive behavioral skills.

If you want to be active outdoors, there are many trails and parks within Rapid City alone.

Some of these include Sioux Park, Roosevelt Park, Founders Park, and Canyon Lake Park.