Food security an even bigger issue after grocery store closures

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Rapid City, SD Food security is an issue here in Rapid City and with the closing of three grocery stores, the issue is growing.

Rapid City Collective Impact Food Security Oversight committee has teamed up with Feeding South Dakota to analyze areas in Rapid City where food isn't easily accessible.

The two organizations created a map to show the walking distance to grocery stores in low income areas of Rapid City.

This map showed what the organization called a food desert, which is classified as an area with no store within one mile in every direction.

Mary Corbine, Feeding South Dakota food security manager says, "It just so happens that these closings came at that same time. So we've already been working on some of this for several months and with the closing of the grocery stores, of course it opens up our food desert quite a bit."

Two Family Thrift locations and the Prairie Market will close their doors in October.