Fireworks debris keeping garbage companies busy after 4th of July

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On Tuesday many people were off the clock for the 4th of July, but on Wednesday, the work has just begun for sanitation crews.

Trash cans were overflowing with debris from fireworks this morning in Rapid Valley.

The co-owner of Reber Sanitation asks residents to please bag all your garbage.

She say if the wind is blowing hard, loose trash such as beer cans, firework tubes, and other debris can end up flying around and dirtying your neighborhood.

Reber Sanitation Co-owner Nancy Reber says, "One of the safety hazards that we run across with the 4th of July, for example, is fireworks not being totally out and starting fires and it's inevitable that we receive calls too quickly, over the 4th of July, because we have to replace cans that were burned."

Reber says they receive a lot of extra garbage with any holiday, and that they don't typically charge for extra garbage.