Fire crews train at Falling Rock

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They had a scenic view Thursday, but it was serious training for crews from the Rapid City Fire Department.

Rescue training

Crews were at Falling Rock Thursday for the final day of the Technical Rope Rescue Class.
16 firefighters and four instructors, along with one Rapid City Police Officer started the training Wednesday indoors at the Civic Center Ice Arena and then moved outside to Falling Rock.
Fire Department spokesman Lieutenant Jim Bussell they're called to do real rescues here at Falling Rock and average of two to three times a year.
He says it's critical that crews get to practice these high angle and vertical rescue skills.

Lt. Bussell says, "This is a perishable skill. It's a high-risk low-frequency event, which means it's something that poses a lot of risk, nonly tothe victime, but to the responders as well. It's doesn't happen all that often. This is a skill you have to brush up on and keep working on. If you don't you lose that knowledge. So it's very important. There's a high degree of technical skill that goes into the systems that they build, the ropes and knots, so it's very important to refresh on this as often as possible."

During some of the training, the rescuers had to hang upside down from these lines.
But even then, they did have a nice view from the top of the canyon.