Feeding South Dakota to benefit from Walmart's "Fight Hunger. Spark Change." Campaign

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One in eight people in America struggle with hunger and one in six children right here in South Dakota go to bed hungry, that's why Walmart has launched its "Fight Hunger. Spark Change." Campaign.

It's a nationwide initiative that gets the public involved in their community to take action in the fight against hunger.
And there are three easy ways to help families in a financial pinch, you can purchase product from specific suppliers at any Walmart store, donate at the register, or go online using Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter using #FightHunger.
Last year, Feeding South Dakota received $89,000 from the campaign.

Debbie Renner says, "$89,000 could buy 356,000 meals, I mean, it's a very big deal and we encourage people to go out and take part in this and we're really grateful for this campaign and for all that Walmart does for us."

To learn more about the campaign and how you can participate go to www.walmart.com/fighthunger.