Father's Day brought racecars to Storybook Island

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Rapid City, SD It's Father's Day and one group was looking out for the dads that brought their kids to Storybook Island Sunday.

The Black Hills Speedway brought some of their racecars and drivers out to park their cars and let folks take a look.

The cars were a huge hit with both dads and kids who were able to get behind the steering wheel of an actual racecar.

Four cars were stationed on part of the lawn in Storybook Island and the drivers were happy to bring a little something extra to the park on Father's Day.

William Deay, racecar driver says, "It's just kind of a nice day to bring cars out for Father's Day let the dads have cars out here and the kids come and look at it we figured it would be the best for Storybook Island and Black Hills Speedway."

Black Hills Speedway will also bring their cars to Storybook Island in early August to host their annual blood drive.