EPA holds hearing on proposed uranium mine and waste disposal wells

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On Monday the Environmental Protection Agency held a public hearing for people to voice their opinion on a potential uranium mining project.

The EPA issued two draft permits for the proposed Dewey-Burdock uranium mine in Custer and Fall River Counties.

One permit would allow the uranium company Powertech to mine uranium for ten years.

The other would allow the company to pump mining waste liquids underground.

Dewey-Burdock Uranium Project Manager Mark Hollenbeck says, "It's going to create jobs. It's going to create clean energy. Currently 20% of our energy comes from nuclear power, yet we only producer 10% of the uranium that we need in the United States. We import the rest of it from Kazakhstan, Russia, Australia, and Canada."

Concerned Citizen Marvin Kammerer says, "The day will come when the rules say don't buy those beef. Don't buy those cattle because they're out drinking this contaminated water. That is a real possibility. Every bit of water that we have, especially in these droughts, is sacred."

The EPA is holding another hearing on Tuesday, May 9th at the Best Western Ramkota Hotel in Rapid City.