Drought prompts fire-related restrictions within Nebraska National Forests & Grasslands

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Warm temperatures and below average precipitation have led to drought conditions across almost all of South Dakota.

That has prompted the Nebraska National Forests and Grasslands to issue Stage One Fire Restrictions. That means no campfires out of designated areas, no smoking unless you are clear of any burning material, and no tools that maintain a flame can be used within this region.

Fire Management Officer Scott Bovey from the Nebraska National Forests and Grasslands says, "The main reason that we go into fire restrictions if for public employee safety, and then also the preservation of the public lands. So that's why we look at these daily, and we analyze the fire weather and the fuel conditions continuously, and then that determines how long, or when we'll be in prescription for restrictions. And again, like I say, it's to ensure the public safety and minimize the amount of human-caused fires on the landscape."

The Nebraska National Forests and Grasslands zone is primarily in northwest Nebraska and southwest South Dakota, and also includes the Interstate 90 area stretching roughly between Wall and Kadoka.