Dirty dogs get a bath for a good cause

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Rapid City, SD Dirty dogs could get a fresh rinse for a great cause Saturday at the Humane Society of the Black Hills.

Saturday the Humane society hosted their first ever dog wash fundraiser and cookout.

The group offered to wash all dogs big or small on a donation basis as well as pet portraits and a bandana for the freshly cleaned pups.

All of the K-9s looked extra cool after their baths and the money raised will go towards keeping the shelter's animals cool during the summer.

Jerry Steinley, Humane Society of the Black Hills development director says, "The money from this event will go back into our HVAC system. That project was approved this year. Its hot so in the back were replacing the HVAC on the adoption floor for the animals. It will take all of that humidity out of the air and all that heat and they will have a better quality of life."

The air conditioning system costs a little over 300-thousand dollars.

They are also holding a dog and cat treadmill raffle to help contribute to the cost.