Debate over Initiated Measure 22 continues

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Initiated Measure 22 creates a publicly funded campaign finance program as well as n ethics commission.
The ethics overhaul is now on hold for constitutional reasons... and several lawmakers, as well as Governor Daugaard don't think the measure is necessary.

Daugaard says, "I will support efforts this session to repeal IM 22 and replace it with provisions that are well-crafted and constitutional and responsive to the voters."

But as one group said in a demonstration outside the capitol Tuesday; they don't think it should be a top priority this legislative session and want the voters' choice to be respected.

Doug Kronaizl says, "It's something we wanted, we demanded, and now it looks a little strange from our vantage point that this is at the top of their list."

Supporters of IM 22 claim the measure fights corruption in our state and creates transparency.