Deadwood pubs crowded for Leprechaun Olympics

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On Friday Saint Patrick's Day celebrations continued in Deadwood with the Leprechaun Olympics.

To win the Olympics, competitors had to play ring toss, pull five golden pins out of a hat within 15 seconds, and guess songs correctly.

Main Street was crawling with celebrators decked out in green.

Emily Paul loves Saint Patrick's Day in Deadwood and has celebrated here for the past five years.

Emily Paul says, "I'm very competitive and most people that are going to be in the Leprechaun Olympics are really competitive, too so it'll be a lot of fun. My favorite part about St. Patrick's Day in general is just all the people coming together. It's really fun to just, regardless of what the holiday is, is to see everyone come together."

Prizes included free nights at a hotel and gift certificates to bars.

On Saturday is the pub crawl.