Deadwood celebrates history with long running play

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Deadwood, SD Wild Bill Days is wrapping up Sundayin Deadwood ... giving people a glimpse back into the Old West ... and that includes a little drama.

Its one of the nation's longest running plays ... the Trial of Jack McCall ... and it's right here in the Black Hills

A troupe of actors take folks in Deadwood back in time to the days of Wild Bill to try his assassin.

"I make the motion on this day August 3rd 1876 to hear the case of one John McCall otherwise known as Jack McCall."

You will see many famous names and faces around Deadwood like Wild Bill and Calamity Jane ... but one name is infamous for a different reason.

Sean Baxter, Jack McCall says, "I start my day shooting Wild Bill. I shoot him four times a day at the Saloon Number 10 right here in Deadwood South Dakota."

Jack McCall was the man who killed Wild Bill Hickok during a game of poker and a local group of re-enactors tells the story of his trial six times a week.

Andy Mosher, Deadwood Alive director says, "Deadwood Alive is a nonprofit organization that is overseen by a board and our goal is to promote Deadwood, promote the history of Deadwood, and interact with the public as much as you can."

Today the group took the stage at Wild Bill Days. They normally perform the trail at the Masonic Temple and other stories all over Main Street.

Mosher says, "Members of our troop kind of spread out during the day as we're doing this. We do 14 shows today including Wild Bill shows, we play music couple of times a day, we play cards with kids, we do three major gun fights, capture Jack McCall, do the trial of Jack McCall, running all day long, 6 days a week."

And these performances have been entertaining guests for years.

Mosher says "It started in the late twenties when they first started holding the trial of Jack McCall and it's been continuous ever since, except for one year during World War II they stopped it for just a little while, so it's been going 80 to 90 years."

And the actors work hard to portray an accurate interpretation of the actual case

"Do you swear the story you are about to tell us the truth the whole truth nothing but the truth."

Baxter says, "You get a pretty accurate depiction of what happened here. It's something that you wouldn't see in school and in some of the movies that have been made about wild bill a d deadwood this is a little more real. It's a little more of what happened. "

But it's all about entertainment and keeping the history of Deadwood alive.

Mosher says, "We want people to know what Deadwood was really like."