Custer County comes together for Beers and Ears

What has 3,500 ears and gets a rural community together to support a great cause?

The 41st annual Beers and Ears event was happening today in conjunction with the Custer County Fair in Hermosa.

This annual tradition is hosted by the Battle Creek American Legion Post 303 to help fund their group as well as sponsor other fun events.

It was an all you can eat sweet corn feast that brings pretty much the entire community out to enjoy some food and old fashioned fun.

Grant Serna, Post 303 commander says, "The community is the reason for the success. They show up and some of these neighbors haven't seen each pother all year. Some of them have done calving together, some of them have done brandings together, but others haven't seen each other all year long, that's the secret to our success."

The event started as a small get together at the post as has transformed to an event serving over 3,500 ears of corn.